Walking Through the Weekend: Dresden, Germany

In the Courtyard of Elements

In the Courtyard of Elements

Borrowed these bikes from the Hostel in the back

Borrowed these bikes from the Hostel in the back

Dresden was the first stop on my study abroad itinerary. My roommates and I booked a train ride for early Saturday morning. We left the apartment at 5:30 and made it onto the train. I loved the train because it was really comfy and reminded me of the Hogwarts Express with it’s little compartments. I definitely recommend taking trains if you can! It was comfortable and a great way to see the countryside. We stayed in a hostel for the night and it was absolutely fantastic. There was free wifi, fresh bed sheets, clean towels, and free bike rentals! They definitely cater to the traveler with low prices and a great place to just chill out after a long day of traveling.

While in Dresden, we walked and biked all over the city. Our hostel was located in a very artsy neighborhood with murals around every corner. Across the street is a cool courtyard that contains a wall that makes music when it rains (pictured above). I didn’t get to hear the rain symphony, but it was still a great work of art that’s worth seeing. After exploring the block, we went to a place called Katy’s Garage that had the BEST french fries with mayonnaise. I’m not usually one to eat mayonnaise but there’s something about European mayo that convinces me that it’s too good to turn away.

The next day we borrowed bikes from the hostel. Biking is definitely a great way to see both parts of the city on either side of the river. If you’re on the shorter side (like me and three other roommates) it can be super difficult to find a bike that fits you. Every time we had to stop and wait for the crosswalk was a disaster because our feet couldn’t reach the ground, so we had to physically get off our bikes. It slowed the group down a little especially when we would bump into each other (lol) or fall off (ouch). Despite these small mishaps, it was actually really fun. There are a lot of monuments and gardens to see and a bike is the best way to get to it all in one day.

Overall, Dresden is a must-see. If you like Santa Cruz, CA or Venice Beach, CA you’ll for sure like this city. They have similar vibes from the people, to the style, to the art. It is a very liberal city with a relaxed atmosphere.

Tips for the Trip: Bring cash! Not a lot of places here take credit card, so make sure you have Euros!




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