Making Breakfast


Greek yogurt Breakfast


Veggies, Eggs, and Cheese

Just a quick update on how I’m doing: I am feeling good, school is great, and I’m actually cooking for once.

I am not one to cook for myself, I usually just find something already made or snack instead of preparing my own meals. Being able to buy my own groceries and prepare them in my own kitchen has really inspired me to make my own breakfast (I’m still working on making other meals).

Eggs are the easiest things for me to cook and they don’t take very long so I really enjoy creating an egg-based meal. In the photo, I have cooked spinach and red bell peppers, an egg, and a slice of cheddar cheese with a side of avocado. This is just a variation of my typical egg breakfast. Sometimes I make them into a sandwich, sometimes I add turkey. It really depends on which groceries I have in the fridge that morning.

I also started to experiment with plain Greek yogurt. I had never been one to try something unflavored, but it turns out it is really good when you add fruit! In the picture above, I have sunflower seeds, raspberries, and blueberries with my yogurt. I am still figuring out what I like in my yogurt so next time I want to add granola and strawberries. It was a little tart the first time so I want to try some sweeter fruit.

If you have any breakfast suggestions, let me know! I really want to start cooking more often.




4 thoughts on “Making Breakfast

  1. Tita says:

    You’re cooking?! I just about fell outta my chair when I read that. Great, now I’m going to have to learn. Does making cupcakes out of a box count? It better, that’s what I’m doing RIGHT NOW. So very proud of you ♡ Live! Explore! Learn! And then come home and tell me all about your adventures over Christmas! I lava you Binx ♡♡♡

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