Walking Through the Weekend: Split, Croatia

This last weekend was the second destination on my study abroad adventure, which also happened to be the 14th country I visited (6 more to go) (#20Under20). I went to Croatia, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had little knowledge or desire to visit until I actually went. Despite the fact that it was the longest bus ride of my life, as soon as I walked on to the marble ground I knew it was all worth it. The sun was shining bright and hot. To my right, there was a booming coastal town, and to my left there was the bluest water (comparable to that of Hawaii’s).

So the day we arrived, we went on an island cruise that took us from Split to a beach town called Supetar. The cruise itself was very nice and we were well taken care of. The beaches were rocky, but the water was wonderful because it was clear and warm enough to swim. I recommend visiting Croatia in the summertime between June to mid September because there’s an inflatable obstacle course on the water in Supetar. You do have to pay to use it, but it’s totally worth it for those who like to mess around.The town itself is very small and easy to explore.

The city of Split is also pretty small, but it is definitely a great place. There are lots of shops weaved in with the ruins that give it the historic look. The ground is paved with marble or some other slick tile which makes it look really nice but can cause problems when it rains. I, of course, experienced such difficulties. It rained while we were there and since it’s a beach town, I wore flip flops. Flip flops don’t have friction, so you mix that with wet, slick ground which equals a disaster for me. I had to slowly walk from place to place which wasn’t fun at all so I had to take off my shoes to keep up with everyone, which I do not recommend.

The next day was the highlight of the trip. We went rafting on the Cetina river and it was breathtaking. Each raft has a guide called a Skipper and they are usually locals. The rafting takes about three hours so you get to know your Skipper pretty well. The water is fairly calm with a couple of exciting rapids. Along the way, there is a stop where you can drink fresh water from the river and later there is a small cliff that you can jump off of, not to mention the amazing views you see the entire way. Also, there is a drone recording the entire thing which is fantastic if you don’t have a GoPro or water proof case on your phone (like me)!

The last day we went to the Krka Falls. The walk to get to the falls was unreal with emerald green trees, turquoise waters, and a wooden walkway. The falls themselves were an amazing sight. The water gushed over the rocks while people were swimming in and out of the falls. Overall, it was a great trip. There’s great food and a lot of activities. I really would like to see more of Croatia so I will for sure be coming back.

Tips for the Trip: Bring sandals or water shoes that have grip at the bottom! All the water ways have an incredible amount of rocks and you will for sure slip in flip flops.




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