Walking Through the Weekend: Killarney, Ireland

Ireland takes the spot as number 15 on my quest to reach 20 countries before I turn 20 (#20under20). The Irish town welcomed me and my roommates with open arms into their country. The people were incredibly sweet and friendly, always greeting us on the street or striking up a conversation in the store.

The first day we arrived was very relaxing. The drive from the airport confirmed everything I had thought about Ireland: a lot of green land and sheep. When we got into town, we walked around and stopped in a quaint gift shop. The sky was gray, the grass was green, and the air had a slight bite to it. Fortunately for me, that’s pretty much my favorite weather so I was more than happy to go exploring. We walked down the street to a small restaurant that specialized in Irish cuisine. It turns out that I am a big fan of Shepard’s Pie.  After dinner we took a much a needed nap in our very clean hostel and recharged our batteries both literally and figuratively. Ready for round two, we headed out and ran into an amazing couple from Canada. They gave us some useful life tips, and after an hour or so, we were ready for bed again.

The following day, the group divided and conquered different parts of County Kerry. Half the group wanted to ride bikes around the National Park and the other half (just me) wasn’t about to have a repeat of Dresden. One of my roommates and I booked a bus trip around the Ring of Kerry, which takes us to the coast and to iconic spots around County Kerry. It was a beautiful, sunny day with strong wind that definitely messed up my hair in almost every picture I took. I was able to watch a sheep herder direct his sheep with the help of his two dogs, hold a puppy, pet a billie goat, eat some homemade ice-cream, and see some of the most amazing views of the ocean. I definitely recommend doing the Ring of Kerry because it’s very relaxing and organized, plus the bus driver is hilarious.

The last day my roommate and I took a romantic carriage ride around Killarney National Park. The park was stunning with the greenest grass I’ve ever seen. It was filled with woodland creatures, mainly deer, that roamed freely throughout the park.We stopped at ruins of a castle where we could feed swans and ducks. The carriage driver was so kind and considerate during the journey, making sure we took great pictures and kept warm. On the way back into town he let us drive the carriage for a bit and it turns out the slightest tug on the reins can turn or stop the horse. We finished the day with some shopping around town. We packed our stuff and headed to the airport for London.

I really loved Ireland and I’m sad I was only there for a few days. I will be going back to explore the rest of the country. The people are so welcoming that it’s hard to say bye to them. If you love good food and a slow-paced, leisurely lifestyle then Killarney, Ireland is definitely for you (@mydad).

Tips for the Trip: Bring an umbrella or a hooded jacket because it randomly rains like eight times during the day, so it is always better to be prepared for it.




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