Walking Through the Weekend: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands is the 17th country I’ve visited on my quest to #20under20. I stayed in a hostel in the Red Light District (so scandalous!) in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. I completely fell in love with this city because of its well-natured people, beautiful parks, and endless fun. Instead of giving you a play-by-play, I’ve decided just to have a list of everything I saw and the things I recommend you see too!

  1. Find any place to eat a Dutch pancake. They are giant and delicious.
  2. Tour the Amsterdam Canals, they’re hard to miss.
  3. Dam Square, there was a very fun carnival with amazing food.
  4. Anne Frank House
  5. I Amsterdam Sign
  6. Vincent Van Gogh Museum
  7. Blushing, a really cute and healthy cafe filled with great food.
  8. Vondelpark, absolutely beautiful
  9. Dutch apple pie; if you look for it, you’ll find it
  10. And of course, The Red Light District

I had a great weekend with two of my friends that go to my university. I recommend visiting all of these places in Amsterdam as well as trying the food. If you are a bike rider, it is one of the most bike-friendly cities I have ever been to. Don’t be afraid to get lost in this city, it’s not too big and everywhere is beautiful so you won’t be disappointed.

Tips for the Trip: Do not take an Uber on Sunday mornings because they charge a surge price which can triple the original cost of your ride. Sometimes a taxi is cheaper!


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