Walking Through the Weekend: Rome, Italy


It was hot, then it was rainy, and it was all fantastic. Italy was the 18th country on my journey to #20under20. I had been wanting to go to Italy probably more than any other country during my study abroad. I actually almost chose it as my study abroad location. Rome is full of some of the richest history in the world and I felt like everything I ever learned in school or music related back to this very city. Not only did I experience the most flavorful foods for every meal, I was able to enjoy it with my family who came to visit me while abroad.

My mom, dad, younger brother, and I checked into the hotel and were ready to start the week off right by getting an Italian dinner. Before I get to the things to do in these countries, I first would like to share some special moments. Being a tourist in Rome, you get hustled around every street, and people try to hustle you by speaking in what they think is your native language. We were spoken to in English, Spanish, and Italian and I died of laughter as my father struggled to respond to the people in the language he thought best. He knows English and Spanish but a look of panic would  come across his face as he worked out in his mind which language to respond in. Luckily, that was the extent of our troubles, I mean besides getting lost in the streets and having all of our phones die. That was also rough.

Now for the good stuff: the things to do in Rome

  1. Colosseum
  2. The Roman Forum/Palatine Hill
  3. Guided bus tour (they’re actually super helpful)
  4. The Pantheon
  5. Trevi Fountain
  6. The Mouth of Truth
  7. Spanish Steps
  8. The Vatican (all of it)
  9. St. Peter’s Basilica
  10. THE FOOD (it’s hard to go wrong)

All of these places are really amazing and take a while to see because Rome is quite big. Honestly with the food, there are hundreds of restaurants and they are very good so don’t be too worried about a bad meal. I also recommend watching the following movies before going.

  1. Roman Holiday
  2. When in Rome
  3. The Lizzie Mcguire Movie

These movies inspired my desired destinations and it’s super fun to find the scenes in person. I loved traveling Rome with my family and I will have memories that last a lifetime!

Tips for the Trip: Use the metro because it’s cheaper and easier than using a taxi or Uber. Rome traffic is crazy and it’s so much better to use public transportation, but it will be extremely crowded so be aware!


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