Walking Through the Weekend: Interlaken, Switzerland

MY GOAL HAS BEEN MET!!! #20under20 is now complete and I couldn’t have asked for a better country to reach it!!! I spent the weekend in Interlaken, but I also went to Bern and Murren. I had an amazing tim, surrounded by such beautiful nature. Interlaken is in the best location, in the middle of two lakes, and just a short train ride from many cities in Switzerland.

A couple things I did in Switzerland include:

  1. Swiss chocolate making
  2. A day trip to Bern, roaming the streets
  3. Paragliding (so fun)
  4. A gondola ride to Murren, playing in the snow
  5. Walked along the lake to find incredibly blue water

I fell in love with Switzerland. The snow at the top of the mountains is so fun and I wish I went when there was more snowfall so that I could go snowboarding or something. I really want to come back in summer as well to do all the fun summer activities.

Tips for the Trip: Bring an empty water bottle because they have water fountains all over that have fresh water!


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