Walking Through the Weekend: Oslo, Norway

The 19th country on my way to #20under20 was Norway, and what a beautiful country it is. If you ever need to fly to Norway, I highly recommend Norwegian Airlines. They have great customer service, free wifi, and monitors that offer some light hearted entertainment. The whole purpose of my trip there was to visit my friend Bella who moved there earlier this year.

The first night was very chill and we stayed in a quaint Airbnb, just big enough for four people. We hung out at a coffee shop down the street from our place and ogled over the stores on our way. The next day it started snowing. Now, I’ve been to the snow before, but I’ve never seen actual snowfall so I was smiling from ear to ear looking like a fool.

I really didn’t do much this weekend besides have a girls weekend with my friend. This included: junk food, watching the Great Gatsby, and staying up until 3am talking about life. The next morning she made us breakfast, eggs and coffee, while we watched endless episodes of America’s Next Top Model while the snow floated down outside. After that, I got a personal tour of the city and her university. I learned about the Oslo lifestyle, the government, and the cool places in the city.

I really enjoyed seeing my friend and being shown around rather than trying to find things on my own. The city itself is really clean and the people are friendly. The snow made it so much more magical and it only makes me want to travel all over the country.

Tips for the Trip: Everything is very expensive, and everywhere takes credit card so try to use it if you can. Oh! and all the stores close pretty early, around 6pm so do all your shopping early!


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